LED Candles Are Great for Your Window and More

led window candlesWindow candles add style and refinement to any home. Real candles, however, can be messy and awkward, and they are also a fire hazard, especially so close to curtains. LED window candles, however, are safe to use everywhere. Many designs feature realistic flickering, so they produce the same peaceful atmosphere when in use. Some designs also feature realistic looking wicks, and incorporate real wax (sometimes scented or colored wax) so that the candle is beautiful even when not in use. These candles can even be controlled with a timer or a remote control so you can use them in windows that are hard to reach on a daily basis.


A candle flame symbolizes the warmth and love of the family hearth, and placing a candle in the window expresses this beautiful sentiment to the outside world. There is something truly magical about candle light radiating through window glass, and placing one or more candles in each window is a simple, yet stunning way to decorate your home during the holidays or all year long.


While everyone appreciates the beauty of candles, most people don’t know that there is a history to the practice of placing a candle in the window. This practice is part of many traditions, some of them quite ancient.

Back before there were streetlights, candles in windows guided travelers and welcomed evening visitors. In rural areas, a candle in the window was a beacon that helped guide loved ones to your home from great distances.  This beacon could also have other meanings. In Ireland, when the Catholic faith was being persecuted, a candle in the window signified a home where priests and other Catholics were welcome. During oppressive regimes in many countries around the world, a candle in the window was a sign that resistance fighters could expect food and lodging from a sympathetic family.

In Finland, candles placed in the window on the birthday of poet Johan LudvigLED Candle In Window Runeberg was a mark of silent protest against Russian oppression, and it is traditional for many Finnish families to light two candles in each window of their home each evening as a symbol of national pride and remembrance of the fight for independence.

Traditionally, and even today, a candle will be placed in the window when a loved one is away, and especially symbolizes a soldier who is away from home. In some countries, candles are placed in windows to honor all service men and women on veterans days or days of remembrance.

The story of Mary and Joseph looking for lodging is part of Christmas traditions around the world, and candles in the windows during the holiday season are an expression of faith, and of welcoming divinity into our lives.  The practice of putting a candle in the window is not only an Irish tradition at Christmas, but also on the feast of Saint Brigid, when food was also left out to honor and welcome the blessings of the saint.

In Colonial America, a candle would be placed in the window to honor visiting dignitaries and to announce the birth of a baby. Today, communities with strong colonial roots will show their civic pride by putting a candle in each window of homes and businesses during the Christmas season as a more traditional looking alternative to Christmas lights.


picture of multiple led candles

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